The seas of stars burned with an afterglow as the facade of peacefulness arose, a calm in the eye of the storm. Under the ashes of atrocity and in the pale moonlight came hope's thawing breath. In the Federation's darkest of hours, a return to light was its salvation; The discovery of ourselves has set us back on course with our morality guiding us on our trek through the stars, our continuing mission to explore strange new worlds and seek out new life and new civilizations as we boldly go where no one has gone before.

“The Triangle: what was once a desolate wasteland full of planets of fallen civilizations lying in ruin, void of life. Now it has become a sanctuary for refugees, but a lawless region for the people dictated by the people, a wild frontier among the stars. It remains a no man's sky stretching over a treacherous expanse of unforgiving space and bordered by three of the most monolithic powers of the galaxy. It's a mysterious region full of surprises, uncharted systems, and strange stellar phenomena. The Federation is about as welcome in the Triangle as the Klingons are.

The Federation's resources are drying up. With high hopes to gain territorial footing in this wild west of the stars and seek mining rights for precious resources, the Federation knew that they were going to need to saddle up their best equipped starships with well trained crews. Starfleet Command has brazenly chosen Captain Donatella Figueroa to lead a Task Group into the triangle. Only time will tell if her convoy of rough riders led by the flagship Musashi can successfully traverse the triangle and its myriad of mysteries in the name of the United Federation of Planets.


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» A Crazy Little Thing Called Love!

Posted on Sat Feb 17th, 2018 @ 4:36pm by Captain Donatella Figueroa in Sim Announcement

On The USS Musashi, we care about your characters and their development. Each of our characters, be they PC and one of several NPCs that are running around have a special place in the hearts of writers and readers alike. I have slowly but steadily been adding some site specific awards and exclusive awards to the Musashi site with the help of the Executive Officer.

Though love and romance plots may not be your kind of thing, that is perfectly alright. Captain Figueroa is a bit too occupied with making sure a war does not happen and that the unborn child inside her wombs comes out healthy enough to focus on swooning over someone or being wooed by any suitors. That said, there are some awards coming that may be obtained through writing of the romance genre. Though these are rolling out this month, they can be received throughout the year(s). If you have any questions, feel free to contact me!

Turtle Doves – This award is officially unlocked as of February 2018 though unavailable at this time. This award is a long haul award to acknowledge the dedicated writing of two or more writers for their characters ongoing relationship and longevity. In order to receive this award a few dozen posts must be published over the course of several months. Relationships between a PC and NPC do not qualify for this award unless the NPC in question is that of another writer.

Kama Sutra – The name of this award probably leaves it with little need for introduction. Atmosphere and steaminess are routes to take to earn this one, but fade to black is your friend! You can earn this award for a post between a PC and NPC or two PCs. Please keep in mind that the USS Musashi is a 16+ simm with a 2-1-2 overall rating (2 Language | 1 Sexuality | 2 Violence).

In brief:
Language: A little more flexibility with expletives. Characters can swear more often. An occasional harsher word is permitted, at the CO's discretion, but there are still limits.
The use of obscene vulgarity is not permitted.

Sexuality: Light Foreplay is okay if tastefully done. In general... Making out, then fade to black is preferred.
Violence: Can have more realism and use more description, but no graphic description of what happened, how the rotting body parts look, what is oozing out of where, etc. Basically, you can chop off an arm, have it bleed profusely, but don't go into graphic detail.

Red Rose – Writers can unlock this award and receive it after successfully publishing a post in which their character goes out on a date with another character or NPC. There is no maximum word count for the post, but a reasonable minimum word count will be necessary.

Cupid's Arrow – Writers may unlock and receive this award for completion of a post (solo or otherwise) in which they have a revelation, awakening, epiphany, or any sort of sensation or thought about another character romantically as though cupid's arrow has stricken them. There is no maximum word count necessary for the post and the post does not need to be entirely devoted to this notion. However, a significant moment should be emphasized.

» 2018 Cosmetic Changes

Posted on Wed Feb 14th, 2018 @ 8:57am by Captain Donatella Figueroa in Website Update


There will be cosmetic changes to USS Musashi website in coming days. With it being 2018 now and with a creative decision to bring in an era of science and exploration, I wanted to shed Musashi's rough and tough battle ready site appearance into something harkening back to the classic STAR TREK we hold close to our hearts and minds. However, this does not mean entirely losing sights of the modernized DISCOVERY take on things. I am hoping to aesthetically appease both styles.

Note: These changes are cosmetic and will not interfere with the current mission or writing. The site will remain open and fully operational.

- Modified Manifest
- New Skin
- New Rank Set

Game Management

» Love is in the air and Silver Bells

Posted on Wed Feb 14th, 2018 @ 3:52am by Captain Donatella Figueroa in Sim Announcement

It took a little longer this month for the fleet to make their official announcement regarding awards and honors earned for the previous month of January, but the results are finally in! It goes without saying that you all did an incredible job in January and I am extraordinarily proud because we had such a fantastic month coming out of the winter holiday hibernation. The new year brought about a lot of new and exciting changes. One of which was our move this month from Task Group 51-D to Task Group 51-C with my heading the Task Group. As such, I am personally responsible for nominating and ultimately selecting which sim in my Task Group receives the Task Group award of merit. Though I love Musashi and this crew with a passion, I try to avoid dipping my hands in the cookie jar too much. So, I did not nominate the Musashi for it. I probably will rarely nominate the Musashi for this specific award unless you leave me no choice and we blow everyone out of the water (Yes, give me this reason).

That said, Happy Valentine's Day to all the fabulous couples. I suggest everyone watch a Star Trek episode featuring their favorite couple... Trip and T'Pol? Jadzia Dax and Worf? Troi and Riker? Captain Lorca and his coveted Spore Drive? or read up on some non cannon relationships or head cannons like our very own Ensign O'Donoghue and Lieutenant Shras th'Zarath. Also, *fist bump* to all the single ladies and lads out there. Nothing wrong with being single on Valentine's Day. You are all loved by someone be it romantically or otherwise.

Now, without further ado...

*USS Musashi has been awarded for the first time in her award winning history... SILVER for Unit of Distinction. We have tasted gold and we have been able to secure Bronze several times over, but the in-between has always eluded us until now! Great work everyone for amazing work this past month.

**Tommy Gun** (That's going to end up your nickname) our very own Lieutenant Caleb Garcia has been awarded Theta Fleet's Task Force 51 Player of the Month award for his outstanding writing, creativity, and immediate activity upon joining the sim. Though you only have a few posts published so far, I know you have some amazing work soon to come out. Keep up the fantastic work!

In closing, I would like to announce the Brand Spanking New opening of our half-sister sim, the USS Hadesin Bravo Fleet's Task Force 99. The Hades' CO is our very own Ben (EJ O'Donoghue) and is set aboard a Walker class starship with Discovery centralized canon as the USS Hades will be dealing with the aftermath of the Battle of the Binary Stars. We wish the Hades good luck and good hunting of Klingons.

» 2018 Reshuffling

Posted on Mon Feb 5th, 2018 @ 12:49pm by Captain Donatella Figueroa in Sim Announcement

2017 was a wonderful first year for the USS Musashi and though we have seen a few faces come and go due to personal commitments, time management issues, or unforeseeable life changes, the Musashi set sail through the stars and all of you showed Theta Fleet what this group of talented writers was all about. We were able to get through some missions and are so super close to finishing "D-8 With the Devil" and I have complete faith that we will be able to knock it out soon!

With us diving right into 2018 as I anticipated... We came in with a BAM WHAT as someone very dear to me would say. We had an impressive January full of writing and character development. Theta Fleet had an interesting first month in 2018 with some people having to step down from fleet positions and a couple of sims changing COs. As such, the USS Musashi which was in Task Force 51's Task Group-D (Poltergeist) has been shuffled to her new home in Task Group-C (Sphinx). Does this affect us at all? That is probably the first question anyone will ask. The short answer is no.

However, this Task Group-C was without as Task Group Commanding Officer (The person who oversees the task group) after January. Because of Musashi's outstanding performance in 2017 (We won sim of the year for our Task Force by the way), and my previous involvement helping run two task forces in Bravo Fleet and having formerly been Deputy Director of Recruitment for Theta Fleet a few years back, command and oversight of Task Group-C was given to me. Basically, this just means one small extra bit of paperwork for me to do at the end of the month. That is it.

I do like to make subtle use of things like Task Groups for plot devices. When we started and were in Poltergeist, I wrote our initial two missions as being a little tactically driven bordering on covert operations. A poll conducted a while back showed the crew at the time were looking forward to some scientific and explorative missions....and that is what we will be getting. Of course there will be some other things mixed in along the way, but we are going to start going to the deep roots of STAR TREK! Science and Exploration will be on the agenda.

That said, our next slated mission is glorious. "That Which Cannot Be Unseen" is an absolute delight involving facing your own mortality, battling death's hourglass, and time travel. It was a brilliant mission penned by our spectacular Executive Officer, Ezra, and co-written by myself. I added a few things into his idea to stretch it out and add some twists to it.


We do have one departure to report. Steve Oxlade who joined us somewhat recently as Medical Officer Lt. Robert Grey will no longer be with us. After a small one on one conference, we have mutually decided it was in his best interest to free up some time and focus on his own command, the USS Yukon. The Yukon is an independent sim that has a good crew and some solid writing. I personally wish Steve all the best with the Yukon. As for his character, something will be written in character, probably in passing about his whereabouts and reassignment.

The Medical Department is going to be the chunk of these changes...

Alex who write our Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Hill as you are probably aware, has not been very active lately. After talking things out with him, we were able to sort some matters out. Alex is being placed on an ELOA (Extended Leave of Absence) until May 2018. This is so that he can focus on college right now. He will still be our Chief Medical Officer when he returns with hopes that when his ELOA ends, his activity will be back up to speed. For the time being, however, Dr. Hill will be written off as being on a special humanitarian assignment on a planet experiencing a medical crises.

This also means we will not have Doctor Hill aboard the Musashi. From this point on until Alex's ELOA is lifted or something further has been decided, all medical care will be overseen by Nurse Aeryn Vinia. She will be Acting Chief Medical Officer. No, she is not a Doctor. However, this starship is not that large and some small patrol vessels have medical care overseen by individuals lower on the totem pole than a nurse. Additionally, we are going to be treating her as basically a 23rd century Nurse Practitioner. That means more autonomy in the medical field and the ability to treat patients, prescribe and administer medication without a Doctor present. Basically, if you need any medical posts done....go seek Diane (Nurse Vinia).

(Capt. Donatella Figueroa)

» And YOU get a Fig and YOU get a Fig!

Posted on Thu Jan 11th, 2018 @ 12:21pm by Captain Donatella Figueroa in General News

Happy 2018 to Everyone!!! I'm conjuring up my inner Oprah Winfrey You all are going home with figs for being wonderful! Well, not really. However, may this glorious picture of actress Alysia Reiner (I use her likeness for Captain Figueroa) celebrating in her vibrant orange dress to celebrate the arrival of Cadet "Newt Bartowski...I mean to celebrate the wonderful 2017 we had and the arrival of 2018 which is already off to a BANG!

I wanted to say that it has truly been a great honor to have each and every one of you on this crew. I can proudly say as i have each month when filing reports to the fleet, that I have one of the most talented and high spirited bunch of dedicated creative writers this side of the simming galaxy. We officially launched the USS Musashi this past July 2017 towards the very end of the month. Over the course of the next several months together, you managed to help the USS Musashi gain a lot of respect and readers in the fleet. People are very happy with our progress and performance.

This is a shout out to everyone for a EXCELLENT job well done in 2017. All you need to do is look around a read the dozens of wonderful posts that you and your fellow writers worked on. You did an amazing job. We consistently were winning awards left and right in the fleet individually as writers and together as a crew. We won everything from post of the month, player of the month, writer of the month, and so on. We made our Task Group and Task Force really shine and were recognized with our hard work by winning the Unit of Distinction Gold a couple of times and followed it with some respectable Bronze performances.

December came to a close and award nominations were submitted. After careful review and deliberation, Theta Fleet Admiralty announced the winners for the month of December, the quarterly awards, and with a new year commencing...the 2017 Theta Fleet Yearly Awards....and WE WON!

Congratulations to everyone. The following was announced pertaining to us:

- Theta Fleet's Task Force 51 Sim of the Year for 2017!
- Theta Fleet's Task Force 51 Sim of the Quarter
- Theta Fleet's Task Force 51 Bronze Unit of Distinction
- Theta Fleet's Task Force 51 Task Group-D Award of Merit
- Theta Fleet's Task Force 51 Player of the Month - Myself for Captain Figueroa

And lastly a shout out to Azmaria and James, two great COs for the awards earned by the USS Hera and USS Hermes this past year.

Latest Mission Posts

» In the Name of Goodwill

Mission: S01E02 D-8 With the Devil
Posted on Tue Feb 20th, 2018 @ 8:40am by Captain Donatella Figueroa & Able Crewman Andrik Truff & Lieutenant K'Niras Sh'howul

K'Niras wasn't really much for hanging out in a bar or lounge or even the mess hall, for that matter. He did feel like he was missing out on potentially getting to know the crew better by sequestering himself in his room all the time. He was starting to feel…

» Needle in a Haystack

Mission: S01E02 D-8 With the Devil
Posted on Tue Feb 20th, 2018 @ 4:08am by Captain Donatella Figueroa & Specialist Cornet Jakku

Captain Donatella was still partially in uniform when she walked off the Musashi's lift, the door swooshing open where she was met on the Recreational deck by Communications operator, Jakku of Trill. The Trill was simply a non-Federation observer and a participant in an exchange program on behalf of his…

» One Smart Cookie

Mission: S01E02 D-8 With the Devil
Posted on Sun Feb 18th, 2018 @ 1:56am by Ensign Arturo Marquez & Lieutenant Caleb Garcia PhD

There were times, like now, Caleb Garcia wondered how some of the men and women who worked as engineers even made it out of the Academy. He looked at a report that was handed to him, a young woman, who seemed all of twenty-five stood there, hands clasped behind her.…

» A Day in the Life of a Chief Navigator

Mission: S01E02 D-8 With the Devil
Posted on Fri Feb 16th, 2018 @ 5:15pm by Ensign Arturo Marquez

Ensign Arturo Marquez looked up from the PADD that was being handed to him. He stood there framed by the door portal of his quarters with a charcoal gray towel wrapped around his trim waist. Droplets of water dripped down his bare torso, his bangs were matted to his forehead.…

» A Little Bit of Donatella in my Life

Mission: S01E02 D-8 With the Devil
Posted on Wed Feb 14th, 2018 @ 3:03am by Sinistra & Commander Ke'gak

"Sir," the communications officer said.

Ke'gak turned in his chair and eyed the young officer. He had had to call for replacements and this officer was one of them. He was not unpleased with his newest recruits. "Yes, Lieutenant M'lok?" It had been quiet on the bridge for several hours.…

Latest Personal Logs

» Death Is a Funny Thing

Posted on Thu Feb 8th, 2018 @ 2:31pm by Ensign Ethan O'Donoghue

"Computer Start Log" Ethan's voice was shaky, his hands were shakey also emotion rode his voice like a freight train "So today the worst news dropped, im still in shock, i dont know weather this is a stark joke or if this is infact a truth" he spoke "Computer-Play Cut…

» New job, dont be blue

Posted on Wed Jan 10th, 2018 @ 3:04pm by Lieutenant JG Shras th'Zarath

The CO had left recently, dropping the bombshell of Shras' recent department change. As such, he suddenly found himself in the wrong uni. He walked to his little kitchenette area and got himself a coffee before sitting down, to take a new step he hadn't even considered before. Normally he…

» Christmas with my baby!

Posted on Fri Jan 5th, 2018 @ 10:17pm by Chief Petty Officer Alphonso Phillips

Musashi Holo deck one - part 2

Chief Petty Officer Philips had pains stackingly look through the data base to get info on Vanessa's family. He had loaded that information into the Holo Matrix and the pictures of loved ones were on the wall. He had also done the same…

» Worry wart

Posted on Fri Nov 17th, 2017 @ 1:04am by Chief Petty Officer Alphonso Phillips

Philips paced back and forth waiting on the away team to give the next progress report. Vanessa was on the station and Philips was on edge every second she was away. He checked the mission time. 30 mins had passed since they reported on the general condition of the station.…

» Training for just in case

Posted on Wed Oct 25th, 2017 @ 11:40pm by Able Crewman Vanessa Strong

V woke up to find Alphonso getting dressed.

"Morning handsome!" She spoke out over a yawn.

"Morning gorgeous, you want coffee?" As he took a sip of his own.

"That sounds good. Milk and two sweetners, no sugar. The only thing sweet going anywhere near this temple of a body…